Without sponsors a site like Trio Reklam would not be able to survive. After all, I spend a decent amount of time on it and during that time I am not able to work. Luckily for me, casinoSpice was there to help me out. This is a nice casino that goes by the slogan Everything nice and asked me to advertise their gratis gokkasten in return. You might call me biased, but I personally enjoy their free slot machines a lot. I’d say it even if casinoSpice wasn’t my sponsor. Let me elaborate some slot machines to explain why.

Five spices

The first of the gratis gokkasten at casinoSpice that I just have to elaborate is Five Spices. As you can probably guess by the name, it has five animated characters that are loosely based on a certain girl band from the nineties. In the bonus round these girls get into girl fights, dress up together or cook together, depending on which round you will end up playing. The minimum bet is 5 cents per round and the max bet is €15 per round. With this max bet you can win a total of €40.000. But you have to reach the bonus round in order to win that.

What’s cooking?

Needless to say, this slot machine is all about cooking. When opening it, you’ll get to see a cookbook in which you can choose between 5 different recipes. This choice will affect the symbols that you’ll get to see and the prices that you can win. The higher the max bet, the higher the max prize. It starts at jackpot of €15.000 and ends with a jackpot of €50.000. So it’s worth choosing the right recipe. But the thing is, there’s no way to know.

Spice it up casino

Other than the name suggests, this casino slot machine that is one of the gratis gokkasten as well is all about extreme sports. You’ll come across surfers, motor crossers, formula 1 drivers and more. You can even reach a bonus round in which you can choose who plays against each other, even if the sport is different. If this gets you excited, wait until you hear about the jackpot of €100.000. You can win this while betting as little as €5 per round. Imagine the profit you can make.

Sugar, Spice, Everything nice

This addition to the list of gratis gokkasten is all about the finer things in life. It lets you fantasize about what you could do if you finally won that jackpot that you desire so much. Everything is possible, luxury yachts, private jets, a condo with helicopter pad, you name it and it’s in this slot machine. The jackpot is progressive which means it gets as high as the players allow for it to go, which is often well into the million Euro. The max bet for this jackpot slot is a bit higher than average with €200 per round. You can bet from 25 cents per round, but that doesn’t allow you to win the jackpot.

Other slot machines

Just because casinoSpice chose this name, doesn’t mean that all the casino games revolve around spices. There’s much more to experience. Take a look for yourself and you’ll quickly notice that the bonuses are hot as well.