Sponsor: 3Friends Casino

A while ago I was approached by a company wanting to sponsor me, just like casinoSpice does. As you can imagine, I was a bit wary at first. First of all because this doesn’t happen to me every day and second of all because it was also a gambling related company. This time it was 3Friends Casino, a casino that has three mascots that also happen to be friends, kind of like the three Musketeers. Only these friends are animated dice. However, you shouldn’t judge this book by its cover and you’ll understand why once you read the nature of the proposal.

Special software

The goal for 3Friends Casino to sponsor Trio Reklam is to have us design casino software that is similar to SoftSwiss, but obviously better. In case you don’t know what SoftSwiss is, you are not the only one by the way, this is a gaming platform. It provides operators with ready to start solutions including website design, casino games, licenses, hosting and much more. As you can guess, this is very lucrative. Casinos get a ready-made website, including games and licenses and that saves them a lot of money and effort. And SoftSwiss profits as well because of the benefits of scale.

The casino

Why would a casino like 3Friends Casino want to start its own white label solution? The truth is not as nice as you might think. 3Friends Casino tried to put itself in the market as the go to place for gratis gokkasten, or free slot machines. In the beginning a lot of players signed up, but after they tried all the gratis gokkasten from the no deposit bonuses, most of them never even returned. The casino was struggling to keep afloat and needed to look for another way to make money.

License already granted

Then the owner went through the budgets and the analysis and decided that it would be a pity to have a great casino website, a license, all these contracts with game suppliers and payment providers and not put all of it to good use. Sure, 3Friends Casino wouldn’t be the first, but there definitely would be less competition for offering white solution that operating a casino. An idea was born and only a partner needed to be found. That’s why the casino approached us. Together we are going to start a white label solution called 3Trio3.

Continue business as usual

Even though we have already started the 3Trio3 activities, it’s still business as usual for 3Friends Casino. The casino still offers gratis gokkasten to new players. It is important to show potential customers of 3Trio3 that the website design is effective and that everything works smoothly. That is why there always needs to be at least one active casino. However, the more the better so we are also in talks of launching a second casino called Amigos Casino. This casino will get a Mexican look and feel.

Ready in 2025

It might seem like we are already far along with the idea for 3Trio3. That’s not true though. It’s a long term plan that we hope to finish by 2025. And by finish we mean, be operational with at least 10 customers. Even though this might seem a bit ambitious, we believe that with hard work, we’ll manage.