A network is two or more computers (and/or other devices) that are connected to share data, software or services.

Local Area Network


This is a network within a complex; the length is between a few meters and several kilometres

WAN: Wide Area Network


Links between systems across public communication nets

Protocol: a collection of rules for the realisation and securing of data transfers.

Devices within a network must share a protocol in order to communicate. One of the most common is the Ethernet norm.

A network card (or NIC: Network Interface Card) is an expansion card to hook a computer into a network.

Networks (not only LAN) are described through the IEEE 802 standards

A grid: a network where (potentially different kinds of) computers work together to solve a single problem. Some of the most well known are: the search for prime numbers, folding at home, SETI, but they can also be used for the hacking of encryption.

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