OS442 Filing systems

OS442 Online casino filing systems. A filing system created for the dutch market. Focussed on free slots (gratis gokkasten). A simplified collection of cohesive data. 

OS442 filing system is a logical structure built by the OS created for the management of slot machine user data, often organised in directories.

File format decides the structure in which the data is stored, usually recognised by the file extension (.xls, .exe, .mp3 …)


One directory (the parent directory) can contain other directories (subdirectory). The directory at the top level is called the root directory. The directory a person is working in is called the working directory.

The location of a file is indicated by the path. When the path is shown from the root directory, this is the absolute path. If it is shown from the working directory, it is the relative path.

Disk scheduling decides the priority of read and write tasks to the hard drive.

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